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Pictures on fire detection and fire suppression systems will be located here. So this will also be an anchor post.

Picture 001 – Clean agent gas cylinders

Clean agent gas cylinders

I am starting off this anchor post with three pictures on a clean agent system.

This is a currently ongoing project. So what you see here is still an installation work in progress.

Eventually I will send an article on the basic concepts of a clean agent system for substation fire fighting.

The electrical substation here is a switchgear substation. THere will be no transformer here and it will be handed over to the electricity supply authority once completed.

The clean agent used in this substation is Inertec 55, one of the popular proprietary clean agent brands here.

The above picture shows the gas cylinders, six of them, housed indoor in a separate room adjascent to the 11kV substation.

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Picture 002 – Fire suppression nozzles and piping work at room high level

Electrical room fire supression piping
This picture shows the inside of the substation where you can see the clean agent nozzles and piping installed at the high level of the substation room.



Picture 003 – Fire control local panel 

Substation fire control panel

This view shows the front or the substation main entrance.

In this view you can see the red colored fire control local panel mounted to the outside wall of the substation room.


I will not write much today, only to set up this anchor post.

See you soon.

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