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Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) systems are part of the building services that are always needed to make a building fully functional.

Picture 01 – An outdoor condenser unit outside on the external wall of a 33kV substation


All of them (except the natural ventilation types which are usually categorized as architectural components) requires electricity.

Some of them even have a whole 11kV/415V transformer supply dedicated to them. Centralized chilled water systems supplying large building complexes are the prime examples of this.

I will post some photos of these systems in the future.

The one in picture 01 above is just an outdoor condenser for an air cooled split unit system. This was taken from a 33kV substation buildings.

You may notice that I seem to be posting pictures of 33kV substations only these day. That’s because they are the pictures that I can get my hands on at the moment.

I just upload what I have currently.

Pictures for other buildings will come up in due time.

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Picture 02 – A fan coil unit (FCU) inside a substation


This is actually the indoor part of the system, with the condenser of picture 01 installed outside.

I may send a brief post on simple air-conditioning systems like this for the benefit of beginners.

I am definitely not a mechanical engineer, but knowing the concepts and basic operations of air-conditioning systems is very useful if you are an electrical engineer or electrician working in building construction.

The other side of the coin is … not knowing enough is definite bad for your career.

That is why I set up this post and other posts on building services.

Picture 03 – An example exhaust duct and fan system


This picture shows a mechanical ventilation system for the switchgear room of the substation.




Picture 04 – Closer view of the in-line exhaust fans









That’s all I can give today.

Stay tuned for more pictures in this category.

Chow !!

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