Pictures of other related building services

Together with the previous post on related civil and structure works that I just uploaded recently, this is another anchor post title I have always to wanted to upload: Pictures of other related building services.

A. Pictures of other related building services:

1.   Related Air-conditioning and ventilation services

2.   Related fire protection services

3.   Related plumbing services

4.   Related lift services

B. Other related pictures:

1.    Pictures of related civil and structural works

2.   The architectural aspects of electrical installations

As you can see, this is a very short post. Just a link page to a few anchor posts.

What I am trying to do here is to set up the blog posts of this site in such a way so that I can upload simple contents such as pictures and diagrams easily and quickly, and with minimal comments. Yet they can still be useful to a wide range of people.

The second objective is to make it easy for me to expand this site without much restructuring or abortive works. And without relying on the sophistication of the blogging platform.

That is my intention.

So if the design of the information structure on this site is funny, please accept my apologies. I hope the usefulness of the information that I publish here can make up for its lack of aesthetic qualities.

Picture 01 – Various building services in a building construction


In the real design and installation works of electrical services for buildings, mechanical and electrical services are so inter-related in so many ways.

As an electrical engineer, knowing a little bit more of these mechanical services will be good for your daily work and your career.

It can also save you from lots of headaches as you are better equipped with effective tools to help you prevent mistakes and solve problems at the construction sites.

At times, it can also make you LOOK GOOD during meetings with the bosses and other colleagues. Nope …. I am not kidding ;-)))

If you are fresh from a college or a training institute, one day you will thank me for telling you this very early in your career.

See you in the next post.
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