Buildings’ mechanical and electrical coordination

Do you think the building’s mechanical and electrical works captured in the following picture are properly coordinated?

Picture 01 – Coordination of mechanical and electrical works

M&E Coordination

M&E Coordination

I am not going to answer the above question.

The question and the above picture is intended to set the tone for the materials that I will be uploading to this site.

If you are looking to find nice pictures of nice installation works on this blog, you may be disappointed often.

What I will be giving you will be just like the above picture. The real installation work that I have come across during my work and also outside of my work.

Sometimes some construction work nearby the place I live caught my attention. So I just dropped by if I can and took some pictures.

I believe many of these pictures are useful for many people during the course of their daily work. I say so because they have been useful for me.

Every now and then I find myself dragged into the middle of a discussion and I needed to get my point across on a complicated technical issue to a group of construction people within less than 10 or 15 seconds.

In this kinds of situation, having a collection of pictures showing similar issues have been a great help for me.

After a while, it came across my mind that the pictures in my collection can help a lot of people over the internet.

I might even make some money from them. I didn’t mean to sell the pictures but a site or a blog with many online visitors could generate some income through advertisements.

That was what I did with Google since six or seven years ago.

Having said this, I wish to emphasize the point that the installation or construction works shown in pictures that I upload to this blog may not necessarily be correct ways to do the work.

I am just sharing the information and the data that I have in my collections.

I may make some comments about something in the pictures, but that doesn’t mean what I do not comment is a correct way to do it. Readers need to satisfy these things for themselves and observe the context of the discussion on the issue at hand.

I also do not claim to be an expert in anything, even with more that twenty five years of experience in the design and supervision of electrical services for many kinds of construction works.

What I intend to do with this blog is not more than sharing what I already have. Period.

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