33kV Substation building

For readers who are looking for pictures of electrical substation buildings, the one in the following picture is a 33kV main distribution substation. It was completed two years age, around 2013.

Picture 01 – 33kV Substation building

33kV Substation Building

33kV Main Distribution Substation

I took quite a number of pictures inside the building during the construction and testing stage, but I still have to find where I put the backup folder.

When I saw this one, I thought maybe I should just upload this now as a reminder for me to find the rest of the pictures.

For beginners, notice that this substation is a two storey building, unlike most of 11kV substations which are only one storey.

At the ground level is what we call cable room. In the old days we call it cable cellar.

The upper level is where the switchgears are located, including the substation control room.

I will upload a general layout of the substation building soon for those who are interested.

Designing a substation building like this is no big issue. In fact it’s not really a design job at all because a detached substation buildings like this one has a typical design.

However, implementing it is another issue altogether because this 33kV substation would be handed over to the electricity supply authority after completion. A lot of people who have actually done this kind of work would agree with me.

I may spend a post or two in future to discuss common issues involved in the design and construction substation buildings that would need to be handed over to the electricity authorities.

For those who are wondering why I keep sending just one picture in every new post, let me just say this. Sending just one or two pictures and a short write-up is the only way I can get this blog alive.

However, once a post title is online, I can just update it with one or two more pictures every time I can spare my time. Sooner or later there will plenty of pictures and information in most of the posts.

If I wait until I really have the time to create a good article and plenty of pictures to go with it, then I don’t know how many weeks it will take me to send a single post.

This has been my experience since the past three or four years.

So if you are one of my earliest visitors to this blog, please forgive me. You are welcome to visit my old blog, http://electricalinstallationwiringpicture.blogspot.my. You will find plenty of electrical pictures there.

And please come again.

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