Electrical trunking and conduits installations

This will be the anchor post for the installation pictures of electrical conduit and trunking.

Picture 001 – Electrical steel trunking installed at high level


I have earlier set up an anchor post with the title “Electrical conduit pictures“. Later I realised that it would be easier for me if I title it “Electrical trunking and conduit installations”.

For building works, electrical conduits and trunking go hand-in-hand. They are always together in pictures taken. It will be easier to upload them if I keep them in the same anchor post.

The sheer quantities of these two materials used in a building’s electrical services underline the why: why I need to have both terms present in the title of this post. It helps a lot in getting this post to the front pages of search engine results.

For beginners who are still wondering why I keep mentioning search engine results in my posts and articles about electrical installation works, please know this.

There are probably billions of websites on the internet now. If someone search for the word “electrical conduits” on Google Search, there will be thousands and thousands of websites listed.

The computer screen is too small to show all the listed website addresses at once. So search engines, including Google, put just around ten websites on the first page that it shows when they return the results of the search.

Of course you can change the settings on Google to show up to 100 websites on the first page. But there are still thousands that need to be shown.

If I want this post to be read by internet users, it needs to be listed in the first page of the search result because people are less likely to search through to the second page or beyond.

Having the major keywords in the page title makes a lot difference in the competition to get to the first pages.

Okey. Enough of the search engine results. Now lets get back to the pictures.

Picture 001 above shows a number of electrical trunking installed above the ceiling level.

This project was an office complex. Notice the red-painted label, one with the letters “ESS” and the other “UPS”.

THis label is important because when the mains power fails, final circuits would not be alive, but the supplies from the batteries “UPS” and from the standby generators may be alive.

These labels give an added safety warning to the maintenance personnel working on the electrical circuits.

Picture 002 – A closer view of the labels

Electrical trunking labelled for ESS and UPS circuits





Picture 003 – Steel trunking for electrical and IT wiring


The orange painted trunking are for the electrical cables and wiring, while the two white one s are for the IT wiring.

Here I just want to introduce the beginners to a method to tap of wiring from the rectangular electrical trunking to round steel conduits, as shown in a closer view below.

Picture 004 – Connecting steel conduit to trunking

Connections from trunking to steel conduits







Picture 005 – Steel trunking to a distribution board


This picture show two steel trunking to a small distribution board (commonly called “DB”).

Notice the feeder cables still coiled and not yet terminated to the distribution board.

Beginners please note that there are four black cables and one green cable in the coil.

This means that the DB is a 3-phase DB. It is receiving supply using a 3-phase 4-wire system plus an earthing cable.

I will talk a lot about this subject in future. At the moment I just want to set up this anchor post.

Okey, folks. See you in the next post.
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